I’ve slightly changed the intervals for this week from what the training plan had originally said – i hope you all don’t mind ¬†doing one less 800m interval ūüėČ If you were here last week, you will be familiar with the route.

We will be jog from the Scott Center to the corner of University and Country Club road and complete the intervals there. I will be recording times on these. Goal is to hit your race pace each time – no more than 5 seconds under or over.

See you tomorrow!

A. 800m Warm up
B. 5 X 800m at race pace
(Rest 2 min)


Tomorrow we head back to the bridge. Everyone will do the same 800m warm up and then we will break off into groups of 1. those of you who missed or want to retest their mile from Thursday, and 2. Those who want to do a normal training day. The runs will be the same, but the intensity will vary based on the groups you are in.

Workout is as follows:

A. 800m Warm up

B. 1 mile at 85% / 2 miles at race pace / 1 mile at 85% (8K group only)

1 mile run will be the Vernon Loop. Below is the route for the 2 mile run.

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 9.59.51 PM



Happy Thursday! Tonight we are reassessing our mile time. We’ll start with a light jog up to the corner of University Blvd and Country club, then run a timed mile. I should have everyone’s timed mile from the first day so see me before we head out there if you have forgotten. After the timed mile, we will reset and do some faster paced intervals.

The 800m intervals I would like you to shoot for running those at your race pace to get used to what that speed feels like.

The 400m intervals will be 95% effort (faster than race pace, but not all out sprint).

See you soon!

A. 1 mile warm up
B. 3 x 800m (rest 1:30min)
C. 3 x 400m (rest 1 min)


Saturday’s run for both groups will be through downtown. Everyone will first run the Helen loop (2 miles) – if you are training for the 8K, you will continue without stopping on the Vernon Loop (1 mile). The purpose of this run is to get used to training at your desired race pace¬†(this¬†should be fairly fast). If you have questions about your race pace, we can talk tomorrow and set goals for this run. After you’ve completed Portion B of the workout, everyone will do the Vernon loop (1 mile) at a conversational pace. See you all bright and early!

A. 800m Warm up
B. Run 2 miles (5Kers) / 3 miles (8Kers) at 85% (rest 2 min)
C. Run 1 mile at 75%


Happy Tuesday! This week we are lightening up the little on the mileage to deload and prepare you for the next 4 weeks. Take it easy this week and let’s make this last run of 2014 a good one! Workout is as follows:

A. 800m Warm up

B. 6 X 400m @ 5-10% faster than your mile pace (rest ~1 min between)

Oh yeah – the sprints will be done on the bridge ūüėČ See you this afternoon!


Saturday’s route will include the bridge. This is the full route for the 5K and also a portion of the 8K. the 8K runner will complete the route below, and then continue to complete the vernon loop for the last mile of the workout. See you all tomorrow at 7:30

A. 800m warm up

B. 3 miles (5Kers)/4 miles (8Kers)

Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 8.32.54 PM


Just a reminder that the run on Tuesday the 23rd will be held at Front street park at 5:30pm since FIT’s campus will be closed. The workout is:

A. 1 mile Indian run (Vernon Loop – see previous post)

B. 2 x 1 mile intervals (rest 4 min between).

Because we’ll be doing the mile intervals over the bridge, I’ve¬†increased¬†the rest time to 4 mins. This should give you enough time to recover and run the bridge again with the same intensity. Dip deep on this one. See you tomorrow!

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 6.48.41 PM